The Maetrix

Trying to find data-driven ways to train yourself in Aesthetic business. Maetrix is made easier than ever to learn each and every facet of the Aesthetic market.

App features

Universal Chat

With the Universal Chat feature, now, aesthetic practitioners can connect with other practitioners and experts around the world. They can share their experience with Maetrix, suggestions and much more, at one place – The Universal Chat.


An easier than ever platform to learn new skills and discover things that really talk about your business. Discover solutions to all of your aesthetic business woes by finding experts and courses made only for you.


If you’re a fan of podcasts, this one should be on your radar. Podcasts that help people understand about life lessons, aesthetic business, market trends, and much more.


A package of aesthetic and business blogs designed to help you establish and grow your aesthetic business. These blogs are a must-follow to get your creative ideas and business flowing.

Interactive Video Courses

Maetrix gives you the option of taking several courses any time, any where.
Its picture-in-picture mode allows you to keep learning without having to close other apps.


You can check your membership status as well as the status of other members who have enrolled in the offered courses.

Go Live with one go

You can also attend live stream videos on Maetrix, where our tutors will offer some intriguing strategies and ideas to grow your business.

Personalized Dashboard

The Maetrix personalized dashboard helps you to keep track of all of your activities and tasks in one convenient location. The dashboard allows you to quickly manage your activity and feeds.

Technology stack


  • React


  • Php

  • Laravel

Enroll on this amazing learning platform today to give your Aesthetic business a kickstart.

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