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Apponward Augmentation Services provide incredible, leverage and flexibility for Mobile businesses, Products businesses and blockchain services consultants all across the world.

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Apponward Augmentation Services provide incredible, leverage and flexibility for Mobile businesses, product businesses and blockchain services consultants all across the world.

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    Support Engineers

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    Integration Engineers

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    DevOps Engineers

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    Data Architects

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    UI/UX Designers

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    UX/UI Designers

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    Integration Engineers

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    Software Architects

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    Support Engineers

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    Business Analyst

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    Test Automation Engineers

Human Resource Manager

Shilpi Pandey

Hr Manager, Apponward Technologies

Besides her exemplary work history in information technology, she is a highly organized, empathetic, and professional human resources manager with two years of experience. Operations Management, Screening, Recruitment, administration, skills and technology training programs, etc. are the main areas of expertise. Let's connect and figure out what works for you!

    Industries Covered

    • Healthcare

    • Map and Navigation

    • Music & Entertainment

    • Education

    • Travel & Tourism

    • E-Commerce

    Get in touch with our Recruitment Expert!

    Count on our highly qualified subject experts for the best advice. Our experts will examine your requirements and provide suggestions based on your needs.

    Explore Our Recent Work


    • Health+ is the perfect partner to improve your fitness routine.
    • Users can track their nutrition and much more with this amazing fitness tracking app.
    • It also allows the users to connect with the trusted healthcare professionals and get guidance.
    • Laravel
    • php
    • Swift
    • Xcode
    View project

    Meri Navigation

    GPS Navigation
    • Meri Navigation offers offline navigation to the users.
    • With smart suggestions and voice assistance, users can find the best routes.
    • It provides real-time traffic updates to help find the fastest possible route.
    • Android studio
    • Kotlin
    • MVVM
    View project

    The Maetrix

    • Maetrix is an LMS whose prime users are Aesthetic Practitioners.
    • It comprises multiple business development courses and video lessons for different Aesthetic Businesses.
    • You can also read informative blogs and listen to podcasts with just a click.
    • AWS Cloud
    • Laravel
    • php
    • ReactJs
    View project

    What do Our Clients Say?

    Apponward is very aware that everyone is at a different stage of understanding technology so they have a sensitive and inclusive guidance approach. The things I've found most impressive are their openness, consideration, and professionalism.

    Mr. Magik - Jamaica

    The Apponward team were fantastic. They worked hard to bring my project to life. They always kept me up to date and worked hard to stay on schedule at all times. I would highly recommend them to any future client.

    Mr. Stephen Brook - Australia

    Very professional and nice people to work with. I like that they think also from my point of view and really help me with ideas and offer solutions that I did not think in the beginning. So I will work with them again for sure.

    Mr. Siim Kala - Estonia

    Mr. Richard Crawford Small

    London, UK

    Frequently Asked Questions

      What is IT staff augmentation why you need it?

      IT Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy of hiring skilled tech resources on external basis to cover necessary positions in your team temporarily or permanently.

      How will I save money with Staff Augmentation?

      With full-time employees, you are paying for insurance, allowances, infrastructural costs, and more, which can be saved with the staff augmentation model.

      Is Staff Augmentation the right choice for your business?

      It leaves them at the gates of a more affordable, sustainable, and reliable alternative:

      How do I know if Staff Augmentation is right for me?

      If you’re tired of scouring for local talent.
      If you already have a team but you need more hands on deck.
      If you like to work directly with your team.
      If you want to take your team to the next level

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