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We are a top NFT Marketplace development company with more than 100,000 man-hours of experience delivering Blockchain, NFT and peripheral solutions around blockchain. We have been delivering best in class NFT marketplace development services using a highly experienced team of engineers in crypto technology.

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We can help you in building your bespoke unique NFT Marketplace using our deep understanding of blockchain technology, the latest frameworks and our trademark DFA methodology.

  • NFT Marketplace Strategy

    Planning of features, identifying techstacks, Creating delivery roadmap.

  • NFT Marketplace UI/UX Design

    Wireframe designing, UI/UX Consulting, Cross platform designing.

  • NFT Related Apps

    White lebel applications, NFT creation apps, multi-chain integration.

  • DFA Development Methodlogy

    DFA Dynamic Feature Adaptation, where we keep scraping all available market places for new features and functionalities, keep checking for relevance and then making implementation proposal for adaptation with minimum schedule impact

  • NFT cross platform analytics

    Price comparisons, Availability analysis, triggers and notifications.

  • NFT Marketplace Security

    Multilevel token verification, Creator verification, Two factor verification(2FA).

  • NFT Analytics Design

    NFT Statistical Analysis, Token Rarity Analysis, Token price & trade analysis.

  • NFT Marketplace Testing

    Acceptance Criteria Definition, PEN test Execution, Automated Load test execution.

  • Post Production Support

    Warranty Support, Infrastructure Support, Multilevel KTLO support.

Our NFT Marketplace Development Process

Apponward offers custom NFT Marketplace designs and development services where users can list their NFTs, mint it and buy/sell to other individuals. Following is the list of standard steps which we recommend to follow:

  • Requirement & Analysis

    Understand the project specific needs and addition to typical marketplace requirements.

  • Setting up a blockchain network

    Identify the right blockchain network and create smart contract to execute the transactions.

  • Integrate chosen digital wallets

    Create integrations with digital wallets for the identified blockchain network.

  • UI/UX Design

    Create a user interface (UI) of your application which is simple to use but has all the desired features.

  • App Development

    Build a customer-facing web app which caters to the business specific needs and standard features.

  • Deployment

    Deploy the smart contract on the mainnet of the blockchain network using the standard tools.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Establish the support protocols and build support team to tackle post go-live issues.

  • Quality Assurance

    Create a robust testing strategy covering functional and non-functional testing to ensure the product quality.

  • Perform Security Audit

    Perform security audit covering vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and performance against a list of criteria.

Our Blockchain Tech Stack

Smart Contract


Token Standards

  • ERC721
  • ERC20
  • ERC1155

Ethereum Networks


Development Frameworks




Development Blockchains


Testing Library


Web3 Environment



  • IPFS

Side Chaining


Crypto Wallet


NFT Marketplace Development Best Practices

Identify Functions and Features

Before starting the development process, all the functional aspects should be identified and understood thoroughly, a clear list of features and functions of the NFT market place should be prepared. Although UI, design, and standout features are specific to each use case are different, it should be ensured that the marketplace has all the prevalent and essential functions necessary to run a NFT marketplace.


Standard NFT marketplace should have following features:
  • Ability to create secure accounts and user profiles
  • A refined search functionality to explore the NFTs
  • A refined search functionality to explore the NFTs
  • A storefront that shows NFTs for sale, ability to buy and bid
  • NFT listing and NFT statistical dashboard with historical data
  • Multi wallet connectivity possibility
  • A dashboard to assets available in connected wallet
  • A dashboard to show connected user’s NFT transactions
  • Functionality to perform rarity analysis
  • The ability for users to create new listings
  • NFT Marketplace UI Design

    The user interface is a critical part of any application and the NFT market place is no exception. Design should be so responsive that users can access it efficiently on cross platforms. To create a user friendly interface, basic interface design principles should be followed. As a standard, following design principles are used by most of design experts around the world irrespective of systems such as desktop and mobile apps, websites.


    Following Thumb rules should be used, A perfectly design UI should,


  • Be very comfortable to interact
  • Be Consistent and homogeneous
  • Put user in full control of the UI
  • Have Minimum cognitive load
  • Design team can always refer to following greate guidelines:


  • Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for UI Design.
  • Ben Shneiderman’s The Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design.
  • Bruce Tognazzini’s Principles of Interaction Design.
  • NFT Marketplace Architecture

    In Many ways, the NFT marketplace architecture is similar to conventional software architecture with some specifics pertaining to web3 designs. Before getting into details, let’s start from the basics of software architecture.

    Software Architecture

    Software architecture is a blueprint of the software system and lays out tasks necessary to be executed to develop the application. The main focus of the software architect should be on creating the architecture and design rather than the implementation.


    A good architecture should consider quality characteristics such as scalability, security, reliability, performance and so on.

    NFT Software Architecture Attributes

    As far as marketplace architecture is concerned, the architectural components must include applications in which the marketplace works, such as websites or mobile applications, wallets, smart contracts, IPFS, and blockchain on which the platform works.

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    What do Our Clients Say?

    Apponward is very aware that everyone is at a different stage of understanding technology so they have a sensitive and inclusive guidance approach. The things I've found most impressive are their openness, consideration, and professionalism.

    Mr. Magik - Jamaica

    The Apponward team were fantastic. They worked hard to bring my project to life. They always kept me up to date and worked hard to stay on schedule at all times. I would highly recommend them to any future client.

    Mr. Stephen Brook - Australia

    Very professional and nice people to work with. I like that they think also from my point of view and really help me with ideas and offer solutions that I did not think in the beginning. So I will work with them again for sure.

    Mr. Siim Kala - Estonia

    Mr. Richard Crawford Small

    London, UK

    Frequently Asked Questions

      What is an NFT marketplace?

      Like any other marketplace, Non-Fungible Token or NFT marketplace is such a marketplace where one can buy NFTs. These are online marketplaces for tokenized digital assets. The NFT marketplaces can be used to store, display, trade and in some cases mint the NFTs. Someday, one of these marketplaces can be Amazon or eBay of NFT world.

      What is NFT?

      NFT are the virtual or digital tokens of artwork, games, soundtrack, or any artistic creation, with their ownership and authenticity information. These tokens or digital assets can be sold or bought in the NFT marketplace. NFT crypto is the cryptocurrencies that are used in the transaction of buying and selling digital assets.

      What can be sold on NFT marketplaces?

      Any kind of digital asset e.g. gaming cards, virtual collectibles, characters can be tokenized and traded on NFT marketplace. Globally, brands across sectors, like art, gaming, sports, music, and fashion are benefitting from this innovation.

      How much time does it take to make an NFT marketplace?

      The time to create an NFT marketplace depends on multiple factors:

    • Functional complexity
    • Budget
    • Development Team Size
    • It could take 3–6 months to deliver an MVP of an NFT marketplace however duration be up to a year for large-scale projects. Proper planning and guidance from apponward experts can reduce the time lines.

      What factors affect the cost of building an NFT marketplace app? The cost of NFT marketplace development depends multiple factors, involving:

    • The Number And Complexity Of Features
    • The Blockchain Platform To Be Used
    • Third-Party Integrations
    • Cross Platform Availability Requirements (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Etc.)
    • Should I buy a white label NFT marketplace or make a custom one?

      A white label NFT marketplace is an out of box solution with standard features. Such a solution can be rebranded according to individual business style and needs, for e.g. there will be built-in functionality for changing colors, fonts, and text size, as well as moving design elements. In this case, you manage to significantly cut costs and time to market. The custom approach offers plenty of benefits in terms of specific requirements, brand identity and be spoke functionality. Nevertheless, this option is much more expensive and time consuming.

      Right blockchain platform for my NFT project?

      In order to choose the right blockchain platform for you, it is important to consider amount of transaction commission, transaction speed, token development cost, security level, functionality, etc. We at apponward can create NFT marketplaces on an almost all the available blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, Solana, etc..

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