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Our React mobile development services are engineered to use React Native for more than simply meeting the budget plans. We ensure that our mobile app development with react native gives you quality, proper communication, transparency and human relations, all in a cost-effective manner.
We work to improve your organic SEO before working on your product to make sure you are getting the best results from the lowest investment, making your money work smarter for you.

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Our Offerings

  • React Native App Strategy
  • React Native App Wireframing
  • React Native App UX/UI
  • Enterprise React Native Apps
  • React Native App Testing
  • React Native App Deployment & Support

Our React Native App Development Process & best practices

Our company is known for helping businesses elevate their business strategy, build viable solutions, design memorable experiences, and code apps that add high value to users’ lives. Despite the difficulty of developing apps, we prioritize providing a safe and convenient user experience. We ensure that you are never left behind in any way.

  • Requirement & Analysis

    We will kick off the development process by learning about your vision for your native mobile application.

  • Wireframing

    Our team of professionals will offer a variety of templates top choose from that will serve as a visual guide and illustrate how the app will work.

  • User Story Writing

    We explicitly grasp the users, tasks, and environment of our apps through creating effective user stories.

  • UI/UX Design

    Our design team creates high fidelity wireframes to offer feedback towards a perfect design.

  • App Development

    This phase includes defining the technical architecture and choosing the right technology stack.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our team tests the native app in different situations so that you can be confident that your mobile application functions flawlessly.

  • Deployment & Support

    We offer consistent support and maintenance services to complement your business objectives.

  • Security & Penetration Testing

    Our team of professionals ensures that the mobile app is free of bugs and can render super-fast performance.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Our company offers you all support and the team is always ready to answer every query after deployment. We provide support and Bug-Fixing as needed.

Our App Development Tech Stack


  • Javascript
  • TypeScript


  • IntelliJ
  • Atom
  • Android Studio


  • Redux
  • Redux Saga
  • Redux Observer
  • Redux Form
  • Mocha

Third Party

  • Firebase
  • Twillio
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • RazarPay
  • Apollo
  • GraphQL

Our React Native App Development Best Practices

Focus on choosing the right design system

It isn’t easy to achieve the best possible results without consistent styling. A Design System is a set of rules and principles that define how the application should look and feel.

Responsive style properties

The need for responsive design is evident in Web Applications, where screen sizes can range from a small mobile device to a widescreen desktop device. However, in React Native, where the target is only mobile devices, it may not work with the same device size.

Make use of TypeScript

TypeScript and React are an excellent match, especially when working in Visual Studio Code. The advantage of using TypeScript is that it allows you to validate any errors in your project rather than relying on React’s PropTyes validation, which occurs only when the component is rendered at runtime.

Utilize Static Image Resources

When creating an app in React Native, you must manage a variety of static media assets that can be easily seen on both iOS and Android devices.

Use Platform-Specific (Android / iOS) styles

Without the Platform API, you’d wind up with a bunch of distinct styles for multiple platforms (Android & iOS); to arrange these styles, use the Platform module for Stylesheets that are integrated into React Native. Then, apply the appropriate styles after the Platform.OS has automatically determined the OS.

Assign Unique Key to Each Element

A unique key can be assigned in React or React Native to address numerous problems that make working with apps that comprise components like Lists challenging.

Aggregate The Selectors

Selectors are functional elements that are added to tracking and retracing data snippets from the internalized Redux store components.

The routines can be reused across several components using an aggregated selectors directory.

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What do Our Clients Say?

Apponward is very aware that everyone is at a different stage of understanding technology so they have a sensitive and inclusive guidance approach. The things I've found most impressive are their openness, consideration, and professionalism.

Mr. Magik - Jamaica

The Apponward team were fantastic. They worked hard to bring my project to life. They always kept me up to date and worked hard to stay on schedule at all times. I would highly recommend them to any future client.

Mr. Stephen Brook - Australia

Very professional and nice people to work with. I like that they think also from my point of view and really help me with ideas and offer solutions that I did not think in the beginning. So I will work with them again for sure.

Mr. Siim Kala - Estonia

Mr. Richard Crawford Small

London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

    How to get React Native app maintenance help and post-launch support?

    One of the ways through which you can improve your app post launch support is ensuring app maintenance is done. Maintenance is used to improve the usability of your app and make the experience for your end-users more engaging. To keep your mobile app in a functional state, a regular check on tracking bugs, correcting fault is necessary. This will help you in making your app more stable and less prone to errors. Apponward provides the whole application development cycle, as well as maintenance and support, and has produced over 150+ online and mobile apps. Both the custom apps created by Apponward and third-party legacy solutions are supported by our maintenance and support services.

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